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Kutch Jain Jatra

Day 01. Drive to Bhuj - your first stop will be at Malaya for fresh n up. Tea Break at Malaya and continue to Kutch - This is a panoramic drive to salt pans and windmills. You may also see some migratory birds at salt pans. Today you will be visiting Shree Katariya Ji Mahatirth located at Vallabpur in Bachau District. The ancient Jain pilgrimage of more than 5 years was created by the Shri Kataria Sangha in the Mughal era with a huge base. And the reputation of the statue of the supreme pilgrimage Shri Mahavir Swamy as the originator was Akbar Badshah. Shri Hirusurishwarji Powered by Vijayasena Suriji. Stay at Katariya Ji.

Day 02. Today proceed to Parshwa Vallabh Indradham near Nakhatarana. Later visit The Jain Derasar of Tera, The temple is dedicated to Lord Parsvanatha, the 23rd Jain Tirthankara. According to history, in 1915, the Lord Parsvanatha temple was constructed by Sheth Hirajibhai Dosabhai and Sheth Pasavira Raimal. This temple was reconstructed many times. In 2027, Acharya Shri Gunasagarasurishvarji finally reconstructed this temple. The deity of this temple has great power. The idol of this temple is in the padmasana posture. In this temple, the flags are flying which enhances the beauty of the temple. Many other idols are also installed in this temple. The 110 Jain idols and 74 Siddha chakras are also placed here. Shri Shamalia Parshvanatha Bhagavan is also placed near this temple. This temple has decorated with glasswork. Stay at Tera.

Day 03. Today after breakfast drive to Sandhan Jain Tirth – Stay here for some time and later proceed to Mandvi.

Day 04. Today visit the most spiritual Jain Pilgrimage of Mandvi 72 Jinalaya which is known for its flawless excellence. It has a temple for 72 Deris of Lord Mahavir. Return to Mandvi. Post lunch today visit Vijay Vilas Palace and Mandvi Town - Mandvi is known for its 400-year-old shipbuilding centre. The local carpenters still make ocean-going Dhows in much the same way that their ancestors had done a century ago. One can go and visit the men at work, shaping the great vessels with hand tools and coaxing the seasoned timber into shape. The carrying capacity of these boats can vary from 250 tons to 1000 tons. The predecessors of these very same ships had roamed the Indian Ocean and made Kutch a maritime power. Handmade models of these Dhows can also be procured from local artisans. Stay in Mandvi.

Day 05. Post early breakfast drive to the Badreshwar Jain Temples. The magnificent, incomparable Jinalaya of this pilgrimage towering 2522 years, captivates the pilgrims. Located in the Mundra Taluka of Kutch district, an ancient village named Badreshwar is situated in the previous town. In this place lies the divine, beautiful, supremely influential Shri Vasai (Badreshwar) Tirth with a magnificent history. His old name was Bhadravati Nagar, which was very rich and is also mentioned in the scriptures. In India, the Bhadkeshwar pilgrimage comes after the eternal great masters like Shri Samatashikharji and Shri Shetrunjay. This pilgrimage is the most ancient and important of the religious places of Kutch. Stay at Badreshwar.

Day 06. Today post breakfast proceeds to Ahmedabad.

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