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Discover Different World of MADHYA PRADESH

Day 01. Arrive at New Delhi Airport – Assistance on arrival and transfers to the hotel pre-booked. Dinner and overnight at Hotel.

Day 02. Today along with your guide, this morning visit Old Delhi which was the capital of Muslim India until the 19th century. With its mosques, forts, markets, and historic monuments, Old Delhi is a bustling and colourful introduction to northern India. In the afternoon continue to New Delhi which was built in the 1930s by the British and remains the centre of Indian political power.

Day 03. This morning fly to Bhopal. Capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal’s old city is an atmospheric mix of mosques and markets, narrow alleyways and grand Islamic architecture. Before independence Bhopal was ruled by a succession of forward-thinking Muslim women and the city quickly modernized with the establishment of an early postal system and comprehensive rail network. 

Day 04. Today visit Sanchi. This is the oldest surviving Buddhist sanctuary in India and was once the principal centre for Buddhism in the country. Sanchi is defined by its Great Stupa, arguably India's finest Buddhist structure and one of the subcontinent's oldest remaining religious monuments. The stupa sits at the heart of an evocative complex of temples and monasteries all of which are in different states of repair. Later return to Bhopal and visit the Taj-ul-Masjid mosque, Jama Masjid, and Shaukat Mahal. 

Day 05. Leave Bhopal and drive to the pretty hill station of Pachmarhi which was once the summer capital of the Central Provinces during the British Raj. A sleepy town of graceful bungalows and stone churches, Pachmarhi retains a distinctive colonial atmosphere. Located in the heart of the Satpura Hills, the area around the town has rich biodiversity and a staggering array of birdlife not commonly seen elsewhere in central India.

Day 06. Starting at Duchess Falls, take a guided morning walk to Mount Rosa. Passing waterfalls and rock paintings, this is an ideal opportunity to encounter the flora and fauna in the areas around Pachmarhi. It is not uncommon to see tiger and leopard tracks as well as a wide range of birdlife including the black eagle and honey buzzard. In the afternoon visit the man-made Pandav Caves, protected monuments, which potentially date to the time of Emperor Ashoka and end the day at Dhupgarh to enjoy the sunset.

Day 07. Today undertake a gentle 8kms walk in the sal forests outside of Pachmarhi. Beginning at Jata Shanker Cave, there will be further chances to view some of the local wildlife including barking deer, gaur, tree shrew, sambar, the Malabar giant squirrel, and numerous vultures roosts.

Day 08. Walk to the butterfly garden at Panarpani on a trail where fresh tracks of tiger, leopard and sloth bear can often be seen. On a good day, over fifty species of butterfly can be identified in the garden and a visit here is a must for any butterfly enthusiast. Later continue by road to Maheshwar {This will be a long drive today of about 09 hours}

Day 09. Today drive to the small town of Maheshwar and stay three nights at the delightful Ahilya Fort. One of central India's best-kept secrets, a stay at Ahilya Fort is something to be remembered. Largely constructed in the late 17th century, this converted fortress has changed little and continues to hold a commanding position high above the banks of the sacred Narmada River. Rooms are comfortable and charmingly furnished and there are many nooks and crannies to explore.

Day 10. Maheshwar - Explore the fort and walk down to the riverside and beautiful ghats to witness the timeless daily rituals of the local villagers. The town is revered by followers of Lord Shiva and some numerous shrines and temples line the river’s bank. Maheshwar is also known for its Maheshwar saris which are a thriving local industry.

Day 11. Today visit Mandu. Perched in a dominant position astride part of the Vindhya ranges, Mandu is an architectural masterpiece of understated Islamic style and there are many fine buildings spread over the site. With a history dating back to the early 6th century AD, Mandu's heyday was during the medieval period under the Pathan sultans whose rule ushered in a period of peace and prosperity. Rightly famed for its Islamic architecture, explore Mandu's many palaces, mosques and mausoleums.

Day 12. Today leave Maheshwar and transfer to Indore Airport for the flight to Mumbai where you will stay overnight at a hotel close to the international airport. One of the world's great cities, Mumbai has grown from humble beginnings to become India's most important commercial centre. Constantly evolving, Mumbai is a combination of old and new, the chaotic and the peaceful, which draws visitors back time and time again.

Day 13. Today transfer back to Mumbai Airport to catch the onward non-stop flight back to the home.

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